Ski/Snowboard Hybrid

We are high performance skwal EXPERTS

We utilize the latest materials and cutting edge technologies to make our skwals. Close attention to detail and tight quality controls ensure that you are getting the best performing skwal available on the market today.

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1st Annual


Northeast USA

The PREMIERE USA Skwal Event!


February 16, 2025

Last year didn’t quite go as planned, so lets try this again…

We are calling on ALL skwal riders from around the East Coast of The United States and beyond.
This year the plan is to meet up at Cannon Mountain Ski Area on Sunday February 16, 2025. We will be gathering together to ride and talk all things SKWAL.

The idea is to bring our community together while showing off the skwal to the general public. Lets bring everyone together for a fun filled day of skwal excitement!

Make the proper arrangements TODAY!
If you are planning on attending this event, let us know by filling out the form below.